About Us

Meet the Founder

Nicole Killian

My childhood is filled with memories of swimming in the gulf and chasing fish with a net. Manasota Key was my playground as a child, I would spend hours collecting seashells and sharks teeth. I am very fond and protective of our coastal area. My love for the coast and nature encouraged me to try out paddle boarding. Viewing wildlife from a board is an amazing experience. As an adult I was motivated to come back to Englewood and start a paddle sports business. One of my goals has been to educate the public. I am in a unique position to provide environmental awareness that can help protect our wildlife, and waterways.

Photo of Nicole Killian Founder of Seashore Eco Tours

Seashore Eco Tours

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in the ecotourism industry of Southwest Florida and Sarasota County.

Seashore Eco Tours hopes to make our tours so safe, and educational that they become a standard for the eco-tourism industry.

We vow to take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. 

Florida Master Naturalist
Tour Guides 

Certified Tour Guides lead groups through pristine coastal waterways. Naturalists provide environmental education allowing for preservation of all waterways. Our knowledgeable staff educations participants on native species of birds, fish and vegetation.

Highest Safety Standards 

Safe ratios guaranteed for a personalized experience on the water! The American Canoe Association provides guidelines for paddle sports to ensure safety. The World Paddle Association and PaddleFit also promote water safety and safe ratios. We are proud to follow the guidelines outlined by these organizations. Seashore Eco Tours is the area's only paddle sports company with certified staff in Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid.

How it began 

From 6 Paddle Boards & 1 Open Trailer

Seashore Eco Tous is my second business in paddle sports.  I began a very small company in Englewood in February 2012.  I started this company when I was only 22 and had no idea about business.  I often joke that I learned everything the hard way.  SUP Englewood was a growing experience and lesson in business.  After 2 short years a company that started with 6 paddle boards and a trailer grew out of control.  I had help and I had expanded the business to include more paddle boards, trailers, and kayaks.  

New Company

And so it began, Seashore Eco Tours was founded in 2014. I started out with one goal for this company.  Seashore Eco Tours was supposed to be the kayaking branch of SUP Englewood. But I soon learned that was no way to separate this business.  Since kayaks and Boards belong together. It would be 3 more years until I was actually able to use the name "Seashore Eco Tours."

SUP Englewood was such a busy, popular business that I was unable to focus on this growing another entity.  It took an unexpected life event to force me stop running everything.   After receiving some skin related health news I had a big decision to make.  I made the choice to close SUP Englewood for good and walk away from everything.  

Starting over 

That was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.  And it took an emotional toll on me.  After 1 year of living without passion I made the decision to start a paddle sports business over again.  However this time I opened in Sarasota. 

Although I would have loved to keep the name, and brand recognition of SUP Englewood I decided to go with the business that I tried to launch a few years ago.  

More Experienced 

This time I opened with the experience of owning and operating a paddle sports company.  A lot of experience!  And it's exciting to bring that experience to a new area.  I'm very lucky now to be working with Sarasota County Parks and Recreation.  Seashore Eco Tours has been a registered vendor in Sarasota since April 1st 2017.  

Seashore Eco Tours operates out of three Sarasota County Parks and one Lee County Park in Southwest Florida.   This company allows me to share my love for paddling and the outdoors with everyone that I meet.  I love sharing my knowledge of the coastal waterways.  One of my favorite things to see is people falling in love with this coastal area that I call "home."  

Seashore Eco Tours – About Us

Take a Kayak and Paddle Board Eco Tour along Southwest Florida’s barrier islands. Explore the dolphins on the coastline of Manasota Key in Englewood. Paddle through miles of mangrove forests on the Lido Mangrove Tunnel Tour at the Ted Sperling Nature Park in Sarasota. Paddle the manatees that surround the warm waters of Lido Key.

Destination Barrier Island Tours

Explore the second largest estuary in Florida! The Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve is the deepest and most diverse coastal habitat in the area. The following coastal locations support over 200 species of fish, and 150 species of birds.

The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail located in Boca Grande