Yellow Crowned Knight Heron spotted on a Birding Guided Eco Tour by Kayak

Guided Eco Tours on Sarasota Bay

What is a Guided Eco Tour? Guided Eco Tours focus on environmental education through interpretive guiding, respecting the wildlife, and promoting conservation. Many Tour Guides also work as wildlife monitors, volunteers for sea turtles, MOTE or wildlife rescue. A Tour Guide is an environmentally conscious leader that educates participants on the wildlife of a particular […]

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What You’ll See on Kayak Tours in Florida

Kayak Tours Florida Kayak tours Florida? Are you considering taking a kayaking trip in Florida? Are you trying to figure out what you might see along the way? There are many waterways to explore in Florida on kayaks. Kayaking allows for paddlers to explore very shallow waterways and go to places that some boats cannot […]

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Paddle board with a child on front of your board

Paddle Boarding and Kayaking with Children

If you plan on paddle boarding or kayaking with children please read our booking recommendations for paddling with children. These recommendations come from certified and experienced tour guides and paddle board instructors with many hours of experience. Give your child the most successful and fun experience on the water by following these recommendations based on your child’s weight.

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Paddle board and Kayak Tours in Englewood Florida

Florida Master Naturalist Program

Paddle boarding and kayaking in Lemon Bay is like paddling on top of a giant aquarium. Schools of fish can be seen swimming under the board. Sea stars and urchins try to conceal themselves around the barrier islands but can still be spotted from a board. Hermit crabs, mangrove jellyfish and various conchs are scattered in the shallow seagrass flats. Paddling is one of the best ways to explore the wildlife that surrounds our local barrier islands.

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