What You’ll See on Kayak Tours in Florida

Kayak Tours Florida

Kayak tours Florida? Are you considering taking a kayaking trip in Florida? Are you trying to figure out what you might see along the way? There are many waterways to explore in Florida on kayaks. Kayaking allows for paddlers to explore very shallow waterways and go to places that some boats cannot get to. There is an element of adventure that awaits on every kayak tour in Florida. If you are looking for kayak tours with abundant marine life check out our Salt Water ONLY locations. Seashore Eco Tours offers kayak tours in Sarasota Florida.

What will you see on Kayak Tours Florida?

You can discover more nature on a stand up paddle board or kayak. Floating over the water is the best way to view marine life. This short spined sea urchin is harmless and can be found all over the coastal waterways of Sarasota Bay. Thorny Sea Stars also referred to as Common Sea Stars as they are commonly found in our coastal waterways. They are most likely found in oyster beds and on sea grass flats. This sea star is on a mission and moving quickly along a sea grass flat in Sarasota Bay.

Kayak Tours in Sarasota Bay

Furthermore, Sea anemones are like a marine flower, waiting for the food to come to them. Banded Tulip Snails are a type of marine snail referred to a gastropod. Other gastropods include the lightning whelk, horse conch and fighting conch. And these species of marine snails mate and then leave behind an egg casing which holds hundreds of their newborn eggs. Moreover, Each species of gastropod lays a distinctive shape for their egg casing. The banded tulip lays in eggs in triangular segments as seen here one is attached to a lightning whelk egg casing. So how do you tell the difference between the lightning whelk and banded tulip egg casing? You have to start by looking at the segments and the shapes of each one. The lightning whelk roots its egg casing into the ground. Whereas the banded tulip prefers to lay its eggs on top of resting surfaces.

Lightning Whelk

Lightning Whelk Found on a Paddle Board guided eco tour in the South Lido Mangrove TunnelsThe lightning whelk is Florida’s second largest gastropod in our waterways. It is also Florida’s only left-handed shell. The lightning whelk can grow to be over 16 inches in length and over 20 years old.
Egg Casing Found on a Guided Kayak Tours Florida

Lightning Whelk Egg Casing

Another example of the lightning whelk egg casing is seen here. This spiral design is sometimes referred to as a mermaids necklace. Furthermore each one of the circular pods holds 30-50 lightning whelks eggs.

So what is a Gastropod?

A gastropod is Latin for stomach foot and refers to all snail species. Gastropods reproduce by mating and laying an egg casing. Moreover each egg case is unique to the species of gastropod that laid it. Since egg casings have various shaped segmented pods it is easy to identify the specific species.
Gastro – Stomach  Pod – Foot

Sea Creatures of Southwest Florida

Sea creatures can be found throughout Southwest Florida and Sarasota Bay. By touring the waterways you will experience underwater views of these marine creatures and more! Kayaking and paddle boarding does not guarantee views of ALL marine creatures. But you will find that our guides are likely to find some for you along the way.

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