Kayak Tours Sarasota 
Explore Kayaking Mangrove Trails

Seashore Eco Tours offers the best kayaking locations with the most certified staff in Sarasota. Explore barrier islands, mangrove tunnels and wildlife on a kayaking guided eco tour. 

Kayak Tours Sarasota

Kayak South Lido Key

Eco Tour Guides identify countless species of birds, fish and wild life on kayaking trips through Sarasota.

Siesta Key Kayak Tours

This Kayak Tour location meets at the Turtle Beach on Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida. This Tour goes to the Jim Neville Marine Preserve which is located on the South end of Siesta Key.

Kayak with Manatees

Kayak with Manatees on South Lido Key. Manatees frequent this area as it is close to Big Sarasota Pass. This is an access point for the manatees to enter Big Sarasota Bay from the Gulf of Mexico.

Lido Key Kayak Tours

This Kayak Tour features the canopy mangrove tunnels of South Lido Key.  Kayakers meet at the Ted Sperling Park across from the Lido Public Beach in Sarasota.  This kayak tour features manatee viewing.

Guided Kayak Tours in Sarasota 

Kayak Tours are guided experiences. This means that you will have a highly trained and certified guide with you throughout the kayaking tour.  Seashore Eco Tours staff members are trained in water rescue, first aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding for your safety on the water.  Tour Guides are also certified in Guided Environmental Interpretation. This certification ensures that your family will have safe and educational experience on the water.  

Kayak Tours Sarasota
Nicole Killian 
Lead Tour Guide 

Florida Master Naturalist Tour Guides

Your tour guide wants you to have the best experience possible!  Nicole is known for jumping into the water during tours to show you all the wonders of the marine environment that you're paddling over.  Kayaking tours are filled with fun facts, paddling tips, and lots of adventure.  

Included on all Kayak Tours in Sarasota

  • All Paddling and Safety Equipment Needed
  • Photos are provided as a Free Service 
  • Professional Staff that value your experience 
  • Clean Equipment and Life Vests
  • Staff with experience Lifeguarding and in Water Rescue 
  • Paddling Instruction 

Mangrove Kayak Tours in Sarasota

Mangrove kayak tours launch from South Lido Key in Sarasota.  Paddle through Canopy Mangrove Trails.  This kayaking tour of Sarasota features manatee viewing as it very close to the Pansy Bayou which is a protected manatee sanctuary in Sarasota Bay. 

Kayak with Manatees on a guided eco tour or a kayak rental of South Lido Key

Paddle Board and Kayak with Manatees on a guided eco tour of South Lido Key. This big mama manatee wanted to hang out with our Guided Eco Tour group. We were able to enjoy watching her from a safe distance on this eco tour of South Lido Key.

South Sarasota County Kayaking Tours

Boca Grande & Englewood Kayaking Tours are all Private Tours.  This means that you are only paddling with your group.  Private Tours are available at all Sarasota Kayaking Locations as well.  Paddle Board and Kayaks can be mixed in Private Tour options only. 

Paddle Board and Kayak with Manatees on Sarasota Bay

Kayak with manatees on Boca Grande. These curious manatees come right up your paddling equipment. It's very common to see manatees in warm water.

Boca Grande Kayak Tours

This kayak tour meets on the island of Boca Grande in Lee County Florida. This tour explores the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail

Englewood Kayak Tours

Kayak Englewood and explore Lemon Bay. Kayaking Tours meet on Manasota Key in Englewood Florida. All kayaking tours in Englewood are Private Tours.

What Sets Us Apart? 

  • All Inclusive
  • Certified Staff
  • Small Groups

Everything you need to have fun! 

Guided Eco Tours are all inclusive. That means that all watersport Rental and paddling safety equipment is provided by Seashore Eco Tours. Enjoy everything that you need for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking guided eco tours. You don't have lift a finger. Everything is hauled to the launch location for you. Sit back and relax when you book with Seashore Eco Tours.

CPR and First Aid Certified and Trained Tour Guides
CPR Trained Staff Members

Water Safety Trained Staff 

All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding for your safety on the water.  Tour guides have specialized training in water rescue. Therefore tour guide is ready for an emergency at all points in time.  Luckily there are very few situations that arise on the water. To minimize this please inform your tour guide of any medical conditions before launching into the water. 

What People Say about our Kayaking Tours in Sarasota

“This water was so clear and the surroundings were beautiful. Lido Beach and the mangroves were crystal clear! I love it here and would love to return to experience dolphin and manatee at some point. I will say Nicole our tour guide was so knowledgeable and informed about this area. She is perfect for this place!”

Kimmie R
May 2017

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Where does the Kayak Tour Meet?

Each kayak tour has a different meeting location.  When you book with Seashore Eco Tours you will receive a booking confirmation with an address of where to meet for your guided eco tour. If you do not receive a booking confirmation please call us at 941-234-4311 or 855-272-3353.

Siesta Key Kayak Tours: 8918 Midnight Pass Road Sarasota, FL 34242

South Lido Mangrove Tunnel Tour:  Ted Sperling Nature Park 190 Taft Drive Sarasota, FL 34236

Kayak Boca Grande Tour:  19th Street East Boca Grande, FL

Englewood Kayak Tours:  6275 Manasota Key Road Englewood, FL 34223