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Kayaking tours are fun for all ages. Kayaking is a simple activity. Enjoy up-close views of nature on a kayak eco tour. There is a chance to see dolphins and manatees on every paddling trip.

Why you’ll love Kayak Tours on Siesta Key

Guided Kayak Tours meet at Turtle Beach on Siesta Key. Paddling on Little Sarasota Bay from the Turtle Beach location offers a diverse view of wildlife and marine life. This launch location positions paddlers in the waterway of Blind Pass Lagoon. This area is a “No Wake Zonethat means that the boats must maintain a slow speed and produce little or no wake from their motors. This is a great place for beginners to learn and feel comfortable without encountering wake, waves, or speeding boats.

Kayak Tour Siesta Key The Tour guide found a Sea Urchin
Jim Neville Marine Preserve Paddling Map

Kayak to The Jim Neville Marine Preserve. This location is a short paddle away from Turtle Beach on Siesta Key.

Kayak Eco Tour on Siesta Key

Guided Kayak Tours Siesta Key. Enjoy viewing coastal birds, mangrove islands, sea life, and maybe even a manatee. This trip features a paddle to the Jim Neville Marine Preserve and a beach break on a private section of Siesta Key.

Paddle to the Jim Neville Marine Preserve 

Discover the wonders of the Jim Neville Marine Preserve. This area features the untouched barrier islands of Bird Keys. There are many coastal birds that surround these islands. You can also explore little mangrove tunnels and coastal lagoons. Wading birds love these areas as they are protected from people and predation.

Guided Kayak Tours on Siesta Key

Kayaking Guided Eco Tours are fun for the whole family.  Guided Eco Tours are led by a Florida Master Naturalist. You will be learning about the native wildlife of Southwest Florida throughout the paddling experience.  All safety and kayaking equipment is included with the purchase of a Guided Eco Tour.  Seashore Eco Tours staff is fully certified in water safety, instruction and environmental education.  

Kayak Tours Siesta Key

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The Jim Neville Marine Preserve is located at the Southern point of Siesta Key.  Your kayaking tour guide will lead you to this area. The Jim Neville Marine Preserve supports a diverse population of coastal wildlife. Expect to see many coastal birds and fish as you explore miles of undeveloped mangrove islands.  Larger marine mammals such as dolphins and manatees can also be spotted while on a kayaking eco tour of Siesta Key. 

What Our Customers Say

"A unique way of seeing the real Florida. We didn't know what to expect but this trip was amazing. It was suitable for novices like us who had not kayaked before. Nicole was very knowledgable and shared her expertise with us. We learned so much about the wildlife and surrounding areas.  We had to postpone our trip for a couple of days due to the weather but it was worth the wait."

Joan R. 
Visited April 2016
Jim M. Visited March 2017

"On a lovely sunny morning we left Turtle Beach in kayaks supplied by Seashore Eco Tours with Nicole as our naturalist guide. After crossing Blind Pass Lagoon, we had a leisurely meander through the mangroves with Nicole explaining various things that we saw. She let us handle comb jellies, crown conchs and slimy things that squirted like sea cucumbers among many other things. She patiently answered questions galore on any subject nature related for two hours. What a lovely day and good value."

Kayak to a
Coastal Lagoon

Kayak Tours Siesta Key

Kayaking Guided Eco Tours on Siesta Key explore a hidden coastal lagoon within the Jim Neville Marine Preserve

Kayak with
Seashore Eco Tours
Yellow Crowned Knight Heron spotted on a Birding Guided Eco Tour by Kayak

Kayak Tours on Siesta Key are sure to be a hit with your loved ones!  Seashore Eco Tours Staff maintain the highest certifications for your safety on the water. Our staff provides environmental facts and jokes along the way ensuring a great time while you're on a kayaking eco tour. 

Paddle with Wildlife

Yellow Crowned Knight Heron spotted on a Birding Guided Eco Tour by Kayak

This Yellow Crowned Knight Heron was spotted while paddling through the mangroves on Sarasota Bay. 

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