Lido Key Kayak Rentals 

South Lido Nature Park
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Lido Key Kayak Rentals in Sarasota Florida

For Lido Key Kayak Rentals meet at the South Lido Nature Park and explore mangrove tunnels of sarasota. Lido Key Mangrove Tunnel Map is included with every kayak rental. Reservations are required.

Lido Key Kayak Rentals

Lido Key Kayak Rentals are offered daily at the South Lido Nature Park in Sarasota. Seashore Eco Tours is proud to be a registered kayak and paddle board vendor of Sarasota County Parks and Recreation. 

Kayak Rentals include all the rental and safety equipment that you will need for your outing through the mangrove trails. We also include a paddling map of the area and fitted life jackets for children. 

Reservations are required.  You can book online or by calling us at (941) 234-4311 or toll free (855) 272-3353.

Kayak Rentals with
Seashore Eco Tours

Dolphins are commonly spotted by kayakers on Sarasota Bay.  They are usually seen fishing along seagrass flats and seawalls.  As these structures aid them in their fishing techniques.  Dolphins also travel close to the Kayak Launch area as it is a short distance to Big Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure to keep an eye out while kayaking. 

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Lido Key Mangrove Tunnels Map

Lido Key Mangrove Tunnels Maps are include with every Kayak Rental at the South Lido Nature Park in Sarasota.

Lido Key Kayak

Mangrove Tunnels Map

The Lido Key Mangrove Tunnels are well known for being the best kayaking tour in Sarasota. However you don't have to go with a guide for this kayaking trip. Seashore Eco Tours provides Lido Key Mangrove Tunnel Maps for all Kayak Rentals in Sarasota.  

Our Kayak Rental Rates

Kayak Rental Rates include all of the rental and safety equipment needed.  Complimentary instruction is provided on land to help you be able to have a fun experience on your own.  Land instruction includes basic safety, paddling, and navigational components for you success on the water.  As always a paddling map is also included to help you find your way around the South Lido Nature Park. 

Rental Duration

Single Kayak
(1 Person)

Double Kayak
(2 people)

Paddle Board
(1 Person)

2 Hours




4 Hours

$39/ Single Kayak

$50/Double Kayak

$45/ Board

8 Hours

$50/ Single Kayak

$65/Double Kayak

$65/ Board

Discover Wildlife

Kayak through canopy mangrove trails with crystal clear water and abundant wildlife. As a result Coastal wading birds, and shore birds are commonly spotted by our guest. The mangrove trails are lined with small sea life such as sea stars. And manatees swim along the seagrass flats close the kayak launch.  This the best kayaking location in Sarasota Florida for viewing wildlife. 

Call us : (941) 234-4311

Reservations are Required for Lido Key Kayak Rentals

Enjoy a discounted kayak rental when you book online with Seashore Eco Tours.  We only offer half-day rates for all walk up rentals requests at the South Lido Nature Park.   Please book in advance to receive the best kayak rental rates

What Our Customers Say

Mike K. Visited 01/27/2016


"Friendly service. On time with kayak delivery. Good kayaks. Expert advice on the waterways. Just helped make it a fun experience. Terrific launch site at South Lido Nature Park. Ask for a Dry Box for your phone."

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South Lido Nature Park
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South Lido Nature Park

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