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Fall in Love with Mangrove Kayak Tours Sarasota

Mangrove Kayak Tours Sarasota feature a unique coastal environment on South Lido Key. Paddle through canopy mangrove trails while you float over crystal clear water.  Learn about the environment in a "touch tank experience" as your tour guide pulls various marine life from the water and explains their importance to Southwest Florida's Coastal Ecosystem. 

Banded Tulip shell discovered on a mangrove kayak tour in sarasota

Lido Mangrove Tunnels are lined with sea life. This is a Banded Tulip that was found along the paddling trail.

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Kayak with Manatees on mangrove kayak tours sarasota

Manatees are a threatened species and there are approximately 6,600 in the state of Florida. Since manatees are protected there are certain guidelines that we follow such as no chasing, no touching, no feeding, and no harassing of the manatees. 

Kayak with Manatees

Kayak with Manatees in Sarasota as South Lido Key is close to the Pansy Bayou.  This protected manatee habitat is home to approximately 30 manatees and is known mating and breeding sanctuary for the beloved manatees of Sarasota Bay. 

Best Manatee Viewing on
Sarasota Bay

Since Pansy Bayou is a very close distance to where the kayaking tours take place the chances of seeing manatees in Sarasota Bay is greater here than in other areas.  Due to protections in place for manatees we cannot take you into Pansy Bayou but we travel very close to that are for the best viewing opportunities. 

Kayaking tours are a peaceful way for visitors to view manatees in their natural habitat. 

What will you see on Mangrove Kayak Tours in Sarasota?

Mangrove Kayak Tours feature paddling through coastal waterways with vast biodiversity. What we are saying is that there is an abundant amount of marine life on your kayaking tour! Expect to see a lot of smaller sea creatures as well as the possibility of dolphins and manatees along the way.  Smaller marine life includes, live shells such as hermit crabs, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea stars, and various gastropods.  Gastropods are marine snails and include the Lightning Whelk, Crown Conch, Horse Conch, Banded Tulip, True Tulip, Pearl Whelk, and Fighting Conch.  Just to name a few! 

Spiked Sea Hare found on a kayaking tour through the mangroves of sarasota

This little guy blends in with the seagrass. He's known as a Spiked Sea Hare and was found on South Lido Key.

A thorny sea star colony can be seen lining the mangrove tunnels of South Lido Key

A thorny sea star colony can be seen lining the mangrove tunnels of South Lido Key. View this colony on mangrove kayak tours Sarasota.

A tour guide found this Lightning whelk on mangrove kayak tours Sarasota

This is a type of marine snail found in coastal waterways throughout Florida. This snail is known as a Lightning Whelk and is Florida's only left-handed shell.  Which means when opening of the shell is facing you, it opens up on the left-hand side. Most marine snails open on the right-hand side. 

What will you learn on a Guided Eco Tour?

Kayak Tours Sarasota

Seashore Eco Tours offers Kayak Tours in several Sarasota locations. We also offer Mangrove Paddle Board Tours.  Discover all of the options of Seashore Eco Tours and call us with any questions that you may have. 

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What Our Customers Say

"Lido Beach and the Mangroves were Crystal Clear"

"This water was so clear and the surroundings were beautiful. We saw shells, jelly fish, dolphins and manatees. I love it here and would love to return every year. I will say Nichole our tour guide was so knowledgeable and informed about this area. She is perfect for this place!"

Kelly B. 
Visited March 2017
"Excellent Company to do Business With"

"On a lovely sunny morning we left from Ted Sperling Nature Park on South Lido Key in kayaks supplied by Seashore Eco Tours with Nicole as our naturalist guide. We had a leisurely meander through the mangroves with Nicole explaining various things that we saw. She let us handle sea stars, tulip shells and slimy things that squirted like sea cucumbers among many other things. She patiently answered questions galore on any subject nature related for two hours. What a lovely day and good value. Thank you, Nicole!"

Todd N.
Visited April 2017

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