Paddle Boarding and Kayaking with Children

Recommendations for Paddle Boarding and Kayaking with children

Children Paddling on SUP Boards on Kayaks

Paddle board with a child on front of your board

Paddle Board Guided Tour with child riding along on the board with an adult.

Children of all ages are welcome on any paddling adventure. Children under 90 pounds should be on a parent/guardian’s vessel at all times. Children have a harder time paddling alone as they are lighter and blow more quickly in the wind. This means that paddle boarding is much more difficult for children than kayaking. Tandem kayaks are a perfect option for families with children. Especially children that do not have prior paddling experience in a kayak or paddle board.

Paddle Boarding with Children

Private Paddle boarding options are available to children through private lessons. One-on-one instruction is needed to ensure the safety of your child and others in a group tour. These recommendations for paddling are encouraged for everyone’s experience on the water.

Kayak with more than one child on a guided eco tour

Here’s an example of a family with two children that are able to use one kayak. This helped to keep the trip fun for the whole family.

Guided Kayaking and Paddle Boarding Eco Tour with Children

This is a great example of a mixed private guided eco tour. This family had some children that wanted to experience paddle boarding and another that needed a tandem kayak for success and fun on the water. Everyone was very happy on this paddling eco tour and paddle board lesson. We help you to figure out the perfect paddling adventure for your family.

The Tandem Quatro Kayak

We have special kayaks that allow up to 2 adults & 2 children under 50 lbs at a total weight 575 pounds. This model is referred to as the quarto and provides small seats in the middle of the kayak. Children that are 55-90 lbs are too big for the middle seats and would need to sit in an adult seat.

Children under 50 lbs:

Recommended to be in a middle seat of a kayak or seated on a paddle board with an adult. Please note that single kayaks are not designed to hold a child.

Children 70-95 pounds:

We recommended that children of this weight sit in the front of a tandem kayak with an adult in the back for the Best Paddling Experience! If your children is around this weight and has paddling experience they may want to have their own kayak. Single kayaks are available.

Tour guide towing a child on a paddle board

This child was still able to have an enjoyable experience even though she was running out of steam. Most children her size can paddle about a half mile before feeling fatigued. Private options are recommended for lighter children to ensure that they are not pushed too far and can still enjoy the paddling experience.

Paddle Boarding Guided Eco ours on Sarasota Bay

Families can choose between a private eco tour or a group eco tour. We have customizable options for every budget.

Children over 95 pounds

Single kayaks are recommended for children of this weight to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Children of this weight that are looking to try out a paddle board for the first time should have a private paddle board lesson before coming out on a guided paddle board tour.

First Time Paddle Boarding

Children that are looking to try out a paddle board for the first time are required to have a private paddle board lesson before coming out on a group guided paddle board tour.

Paddle Board lessons for kids in Sarasota

Kids need to learn proper technique to paddle effectively. Technique saves children extra effort and allows them to have a better paddle boarding experience. This was his first time on a paddle board.

Are you looking for a Guided Eco Tour while kayaking with Children?

Please view these options as recommendations based on your child’s weight and the type of paddling experience that you would like to have on the water. If you are looking for a Guided Eco Tour experience where you can view as much nature as possible and learn about Southwest Florida’s Coastal Ecosystem then a kayak tour is for you! If you are looking for your child or children to learn how to paddle board and maybe see a dolphin or manatee the please sign up for a Private Paddle Board Lesson. Seashore Eco Tours Staff has found that most first-time paddle boarders spend more time learning the sport then focusing on the coastal environment.

Why do we have recommendations for children?

Our experienced guides have noticed that due to their weight children quickly blow away from the tour group. If a tour guide has to attach a child and tow them along the tour then they are not able to rescue someone that may be in need if an emergency occurs on the water. These recommendations must be followed for the safety of all participants on Guided Eco Tours and Lessons. We understand that children have the ability to balance very well on paddle boards however it is more important that they learn how to steer and stop to be successful and safe on their own vessel. Therefore we believe that the safest option is teach children safety first in one-on-one paddle board lesson that is designed for their personal success.

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